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    Tryushkina Polina Sergeyevna, founder and director of TomskCedarFactory online-shop

    The production of shelled cedar nuts is our main area of work. We process more than 3,000 tons of raw materials per year and produce more than 900 tons of kernel.

    Cones are gathered in the vastness of the Siberian taiga and carefully processed by our specialists. We treat our business with great love and responsibility and take care of the quality of products for you to be full of true Siberian health.

    You can learn more about us on our Vkontakte community page

    We really want to convey to each of our customers all the value, benefits, and uniqueness of our products.

    The philosophy of our company is based on a healthy and balanced diet. We use only organic products provided by Nature.

    We create a product that we love and we want to share it with you!

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